Wednesday, 2 November 2011

All-around Yoga Exercise: 12 step health in the sun

All around one of the yoga practice is to greet the sun in 12 steps. You reduce the stiffness, and make your body to help you do it once or twice when you wake up in the morning. Repeated several times at night, you will help you relax, help insomniacs 6 to 12 rounds, the collection has found.

First Feet slightly apart, palms together, thumbs against the chest is done.

Second While enhancing EN lump can raise your head and bend backward as much as possible and inhale deeply. Hold for three seconds.

Third Exhale slowly and hit your finger with outer soles of feet straight up until the knee, keeping bent forward. (If you can not hit the bottom, you can do to move as close as possible) and bring your knees towards your head.

4th Slowly, breath and bend your knees, feet on the floor within easy reach if you're not out, and drop them there. Inch from the bottom of the right knee (Lunge position), you can go back as far as possible, slide your right foot. Now, back arching, look as high as possible.

5th It is difficult to meet again before the next left again until you hardly ever heard of the picture so that the weight of the body to form a flat plane, with support for hands and toes, straighten both legs. Make sure the boat pulled two inches

6th Slowly, bend your knees on the floor and pull backs in the air at low altitude emissions, chest and forehead.

7th Now you can breathe and bend your head and then head back, then raise the chest behind the lower chest. Lower your body - from the navel down - should be on the floor and your elbows should be slightly bent. Concentrated at the beginning of 3-5.

8th Exhale slowly, palms and feet flat on floor, arms and legs straight in the inverted V position to raise the hips.

9th Breathe slowly, as shown in the next series of 4 with the right foot. Feet should be flat on the floor between your fingertips. The left foot slightly off the floor with your knees should be almost straight behind. Raise your head, head and back arched.

10th You can exhale and bring your left foot forward right then. Spread legs on the floor trying to keep within reach, position 3, try to touch the head in your lap.

11th Slowly, breathe paleulreul impressive stretch back to position 2 Do not forget to tighten the hip. Hold for three seconds.

12th You can reduce arms on both sides of the greenhouse. Relax. Sequence is repeated.

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