Friday, 4 November 2011

Exercise: Yoga for Women

Warrior Pose III: on the mountain, the relationship between his legs, heels production began a few feet, chest, pelvis raised in the neutral position. His left hand on your life, just so the tip of his right foot on the floor, step back right foot, your entire body weight. Keep your right leg stretched out and lean forward from the initial storony.Dlina body at your fingertips, until the body parallel to the floor, right on his heels, balancing on his left leg. Time at the level of your body weight is distributed evenly across the heel please inside and out. Progress in the top five and 15 cycles of breathing. Repeat on the opposite side to return the bust of lifting the mountain pose.

SIDE bar - PLANK pose, which creates
Hands and knees under hips, hands directly under shoulders, from kolena.Nogi straight with your toes, move your feet back on his feet, until the balance. Along the back, arms outstretched. This is Planck's position. Compressing the ankle together, legs straight leg fit, and to restore the outer edge of the left leg. Then he looked up, and lift the right side to allow your body without clamping and processing. Bottom right, going right back to cover the tables. Repeat on the opposite side. Hold for five breaths, respectively.

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